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We finish 2022 with Mad Croc and move to a new team called Evolve. Run by Chris Lamare. After meeting Liam one of Evolves Mechanics a couple of years ago Evolve was always an option for me. 
This year we decided that Evolve was the right move for me, with focused driver training progress is already being seen. Moving to the OTK and a new team. 
Roll on 2023 for a new adventure.

If you want more information on Evolve or would like to join 

Contact Chris on 07428 714890

Stour race development was created in mid 2019 as a team to support young drivers to improve not only there driving ability but also their mental understanding and mechanical knowledge of kart racing.
Team boss James Oakley has over 20 years of karting experience in corporate, prokart, TKM and endurance racing and also coached at his local circuit from the age of  18.
His knowledge and background of mechanics as well as play work has proven beneficial in helping drivers improve their confidence behind the wheel and also in understanding the limits of their own machinery and pushing the boundaries to gain those extra tenths needed to move forward. The passion shines through to everything SRD does, forever motivating the team and the drivers to push it up another level and to be proud of their achievements.


For more information about our team and joining drop a message to

or Call Team Boss James on


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