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Racing Links 

Mad Croc 

Based in Northampton at Whilton Mill Race Track, run by Dan Stilps and Simon Parker. With a team behind

them to support and help all the drivers on the race team. Looking forward to 2022 with them 

Grice Engineering 

With a combined 100 years of experiences, Grice Engineering is who we decided to use for our engines. Great

customer service and excellent service. 

Bayford Meadows Race Track 

BMKR aims to provide cost effective competitive racing for all age groups run under the rules of the sport’s governing body Motorsport UK.


Whilton Mill Race Track 

Whilton Mill first began Kart racing in 1991. The first karts were off road versions as the first circuit was on grass! The racing itself took place around the small field that is now the 450m Mill circuit. With increasing interest, a permanent, concrete track was built in early 1993. The karts moved to a more recognizable design with the purchase of a fleet from Stratos. As karting became more popular, the facility was later floodlit. This extended the compay's operating season through into the winter months, making Whilton Mill a year-round business.








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