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Where did it all start???

Racing started as a dream, asking Mum and Dad and hoping it would happen.

It all started at a young age. Loving anything fast or had an engine, what 2 year doesn’t love hot wheels, or even Lightening Mcqueen Or anything with engine. Well that was me.

So where did my go kart journey start?? well first constantly asking Mum and Dad to try it. One day 5 years ago for Christmas they brought me a cheap go kart. Not as fancy as the one I have now. But my cadet journey started. Mum and Dad wanted to make sure I was sure I enjoyed it before buying a nice new one.

With my first time out in my Go Kart at our Local Go Kart Track With there friendly and welcoming experience my journey in racing began.

Then from my yellow kart after Mum and Dad could see I LOVED it my adventure in the Honda Cadet Project One began. Where i Practiced at Wildtracks, Raced at Bayford Meadows, PFI and Whilton Mill. Unfortunately COVID ruined my last year in cadets as I could race as much as I would of liked.

If you would like to follow my progress now in X30 mini apart of Mad Croc, on the Mad Croc Chassis you can on Instagram and facebook where we post regularly

keep a look out for more blogs on here

Any questions drop me a message and if the question is a good topic we will blog about it.

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