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Weekend at PFI Trent Valley Kart CLub

What a weekend, Where do we start.

We decided this weekend we would try the Autumn Cup at Trent Valley Kart Club and what an amazing weekend.

We weren't aiming for trophy's we were aiming for progression and oh yes we did well.

A weekend racing at Trent Valley started on a Saturday for us. We rocked up with our caravan and Karting equipment set up and started practices. Sponsored by Breeze Events

Weather was predicted to be nice all day Saturday which it was but we were all watching the radar as weather on Sunday was looking awful. Rain predicted from Saturday night right through to Sunday Afternoon, and mother nature didn't let us down. It RAINED HARD, so we prepared for wet weather and Jack to drive like the wet warrior he is.

Saturday Afternoon was Qualifying and unfortunately it wasn't the best qualifying and I ended up qualifying 30th. We weren't sure if it was something with the Kart it puzzled it all. So we had it all to work for on Sunday.

Well after the Rain Saturday Night and Dad aka the Mechanic didn't sleep much up and down most of the night making sure we weren't losing our awning in the rain and the wind. We were up early and Team Boss James Oakley from Stour Race Development arrived and morning prep was rolling.

James and Jack Disappeared off to do Track walk or swim due to the amount of water on the track and still falling. After the prep on Saturday we were prepped and ready for the wet weather.

Shall we Swim or Drive!!!!

Racing Started and sitting at the back of the grid 30th nothing to lose, ready to kill it. Heat 1 started and what a great start. 2 karts taken on the start let the overtaking begin. Finishing the Heat in 22nd. James and Steve naming Jack Stour's wet warrior.

Heat 2 back of the grid 29th, and again a great start 3 karts overtaken on the first lap. Lots going on in this heat, there was an incident at the front of the Grid taking out 3 karts. But Jack Raced his heart out and the Wet warrior appeared again and overtook karts up to 17th place. Then the last lap James and Steve excited thinking well done A final in the Bag no need to worry about the B final, Jack driving faster and we are all thinking a few more corners and 17th is in the Bag and OH NO coming down the hill to the tight corner following the S plate Jack Spins and loses 3 places and comes over the line in 20th.

Yes the tears he was upset but we still thought we didn't have to worry about the B final. Unfortunately Jack missed the A Final by 1 point. The list was posted and the 15 minute rush started. Jack sitting on Poll we thought perfect he has drove amazingly all day and this should be ok.

Things didn't go to plan and unfortunately this month we missed out on the A final. Something just didn't seem right and when jack came in he wasn't comfortable and was gutted. Possibly set up of the kart as we didn't have long to change the set up.

PFI Trent Valley Club proved Jack can overtake, drive at speed and gave him the confidence and knowledge. Roll on next week for our next Karting adventure.

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