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Ending the year on a High

What a year. I have loved being in the Croc Kart was definitely a good choice. Yes i have had some moments where I have thought I could not get the hang of it. But my mum always says "Progress to Success" and "Good things come to those that work hard and wait"

I can honesty say that this year for me is the proof that progression and working hard shows I can do it.

This year started off a little difficult the Kart was powerful and alot bigger than my Honda Cadet and the change took some getting used to. This is where I thank Caden Mcqueen for his advice and support. He encouraged me to build my upper body strength so I didn't fight the Go Kart. Mum contacted her Personal Trainer the amazing Dan Hurton and he put together a small plan for me to do which I have worked hard on all year and I can feel the difference in the Kart. Saying that I am not a fan of a burpee just like my mum but I do them.

Finishing in Honda's on a low due to COVID meant I wasn't ending this year on a Low and that I have not. Making me really look forward to 2022 racing. completing my year on a high was my aim and that I have managed and looking to continue into next year

So it all started last weekend at Kimbolton race track. with 2 x30 minis and 10 mini max karts the two classes raced together. Starting at the back each time I managed to make my way through all the other karts to the front on each heat and the final. Coming home with a 1st place trophy. It was a great session for me to build my confidence in overtaking and looking at when the best time to make a move is.

Now I decided to not complete the last round at Whilton Mill kart club due to i could drop a round and lose no points. The wait to see where I had finished was an anxiety builder. But I am over the moon with coming 4th in the championship. Consistency, success on weekends and the progression over the year meant I collected a good amount on points. Meaning I finished with 1016 points.

Thank you to so many people for an amazing first year in x30 mini, Mum, Dad, Croc Promotions, Grice Engineering, Caden Mcqueen, Dan Hurton and Peyton my sister for the support on the race weekends.

Also a BIG thank you to Stu Stretton and Josh East for the amazing photos you take


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If you would like to sponsor me and help me progress drop me an email and I will get Mum to get in contact

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